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Founder, Host, Executive Producer, PBR

  • Born on July 3, 1992

  • 36-Time Author and Illustrator

  • Amazon Best-Selling Author in LGBTQ Travel

  • 3-Time YouTube Highlighted LGBTQ Creator of the Year

  • Earned an Associates' Degree in Audio Production


My Better Half

On June 19, 2021, Matt met his better half, Michael Martin, Jr. They moved in together shortly after and got engaged on December 25, 2022 overlooking the Finger Lakes in New York (USA). They got married and became husbands on July 8, 2023 overlooking another beautiful lake in an Office TV Show-themed wedding.

Where did Matt get the name "Professor Pride"?

In 2019, Powered By Rainbows fans started commenting that the show has a similar feel to Last Week Tonight mixed with Professor Proton. That's when one fan changed Professor Proton to make it sound "more gay" and coined the term, Professor Pride. From there, it caught on and became a registered trademark of the show. 

PBR S5;E19 Get 1-on-1 Consultations with an LGBTQ Expert.jpg


Better known online as “Professor Pride® '', Matt Haslam is the founder and host of the accredited TV show, Powered By Rainbows®. He is an Amazon Best-Selling author and illustrator with 36 books to his credit. His YouTube show has been highlighted by YouTube as an LGBTQ Creator of the Year, Gilbert Baker Awards, and featured on CBS, Fox, and USA Today.

His LGBTQ lessons have been implemented in over 20,400 schools and used in over 40 leading univerities worldwide. His show has 8 Million viewers and 100,000 subscribers in 154 countries who watch the show in 81 languages.

In 2001, when he was just 9-Years old, Matt legally started a small business, originally only offering his country music singer/songwriter performances to local venues. Then, the lighting and audio production aspects grew so much for his performances that other bands started hiring him for their concerts and festivals too. Soon enough, Matt had recorded albums of his original music and needed a cover photo and a music video so he learned photography and video production.

Today, Matt Haslam Productions has designed and engineered video, photography, lighting, sound, graphic design, projection, consulting, and performances for over 4,500 live events. This includes for then-Vice President Joe Biden, PA Department of Education, and more. 

In 2006, Matt co-founded a non-profit, bringing music and entertainment to elderly care facilities across Pennsylvania. While Matt stepped away in 2011 to attend college, that non-profit still lives on through its other co-founder and brings joy to hundreds of elderly people every year. 

In 2012, he earned an Associates' Degree in Audio Production with a minor in Video and Marketing. He later came out of the closet in 2018 and immediately began working to help LGBTQ people live better lives and come out easier than he did. Matt even served as the Vice President of an LGBTQ charity where he worked with several LGBTQ non-profits to bring equal protections under the law to our community. 

He started the PBR YouTube channel in 2018 when he uploaded his coming out video. By June 2020, that channel started to get shared among LGBTQ communities and Matt was invited to be the keynote speaker at the 2020 Schuylkill County Pride. 

In 2021, Matt was the keynote author for the 2021 National Day of Silence event for Reading Pride and by 2022, he was interviewed by USA Today for their article on Roe v. Wade’s effect on the LGBTQ community, was the keynote speaker at the 2022 Art in the Park Event, and was a guest of the Caring Communities Podcast.

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