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Full Timeline of Events - Nex Benedict


  • Nex’s biological parents are transphobic and it is reported that Nex’s grandmother actually adopted Nex and their five other siblings a few years ago to take all 6 kids away from Nex’s parents because of this transphobia, among other reasons. 

  • It is important to note Nex is not the only of these 6 children to be LGBTQ. 

  • Nex and their family were members of the Choctaw Nation. 

  • Nex and their grandmother were trying to improve how the Native American tribe accepted the trans community. 

2021/2022 SCHOOL YEAR:

  • Hate group, Libs of TikTok creator makes a video targeting a teacher named Tyler Wrynn at the Owasso High School in Oklahoma, the same high school that Nex attended. 

  • Shortly after, due to overwhelming harassment to the school and to the teacher in their home, Tyler Wrynn resigns from Owasso High School.

  • According to reports from Nex’s grandmother, this deeply upsets Nex as Tyler was one of the only teachers who accepted Nex for being non-binary.

MAY 2022:

  • Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt passes a law that requires students to use the incorrect restroom. Boys now have to use the girls’ restroom and visa versa. 

  • For non-binary students like Nex, they are required to use the restroom matching their gender assigned at birth meaning Nex is now required to use the girl’s restroom compared to a private bathroom in the nurses’ office. This directly resulted in Nex being in the restroom where they would be beaten and murdered. It is for this reason that Governor Stitt has blood on his hands.

AUGUST 2023:

  • The law Governor Kevin Stitt passed in May 2022 now goes into effect and trans students are now forced to use the wrong restrooms across Oklahoma. 

  • Violence and bulling across the state of Oklahoma increases severely as the 2023 school year begins. 

  • Nex’s grandmother reports to the school that Nex is being targeted by bullies for being non-binary. This bulling continues and Nex’s grandparents do not see anyone being punished for the bullying and no signs of it stopping.


  • Oklahoma Republican Superintendent of Public Schools Ryan Walters appointed the founder of Libs of TikTok to the Oklahoma State Library Advisory Board.

  • In a statement, Ryan Walters said he added her to the Advisory Board because “she was on the front lines showing the world exactly what the radical left is all about - lowering standards, porn in schools and pushing woke indoctrination on kids.” 

  • Walters also says in his statement, “Her unique perspective is invaluable as part of my plan to make Oklahoma schools safer for kids and friendly to parents.” 

  • Chaya Raichik is a former Brooklyn, New York real estate agent who grew up in Los Angeles. She gave up being a real estate agent to work full time on the hate group website. 

  • The FBI reports that Chaya is responsible for at least 21 bomb threats and many more death threats to teachers and librarians across the country.

FEBRUARY 6, 2024:

  • Ryan Walters takes a picture with Chaya Raichik and posts it to his Twitter, saying “Making Oklahoma schools safe with Chaya and Libs of TikTok”

  • That post is still on his Twitter meaning he is still proud of it as of February 22, 2024.

FEBRUARY 7, 2024:

  • Nex and another trans student were violently attacked in the girl’s bathroom in Owasso High School by 3 older girls.

  • Nex and the other trans student would never have been in the girl’s bathroom if it were not for the 2022 law from Governor Stitt. 

  • NO teacher broke up the attack and no school staff member was in the restroom at the time of the attack. 

  • The attack lasted less than 3 minutes according to cameras in the halls outside the girl’s bathroom. 

  • During the attack, Nex was thrown against the sink and hit their head off of the floor where they reportedly lost consciousness for a brief moment. Nex also incurred several bruises and cuts which drew blood. 

  • All 3 of the attackers went back to class immediately with no injuries. They reportely stayed in class for the rest of the day and school has not said anything about them being called down to the office for questioning. 

  • Nex and the other trans student walked themselves to the nurse’s office and were assessed for their injuries. 

  • The school did NOT call an ambulence or the police even though they should have called the police for any physical attack and an ambulence for any head injury according to their school policy. 

  • The nurse did call the grandmother of Nex to tell her about the incident but apparently told her it wasn’t as bad as it truly was. 

  • Nex’s grandmother then went to the school to pick up Nex and realized just how bad Nex was injured. 

  • Nex’s grandmother then called the police to report what happened. 

  • This is when the school principal informed Nex’s grandmother that Nex was suspended for the next 14 days. The school has not told anyone if they suspended the 3 girls who attacked Nex nor did they say if they suspended the other trans student who was attacked. The only one who reportedly was suspended was Nex even though Nex never threw a punch in the attack. 

  • Nex’s grandmother then took Nex to the Bailey Medical Center who gave them some medical treatment and later discharged Nex to go home. 

  • Multiple ER doctors across Oklahoma have said anytime a child suffers head trauma or loses consciousness, it means an automatic overnight stay for observation in the ER to ensure the child is okay. This means discharging Nex goes against Okahoma state medical protocols.

  • That night, Nex went to bed with a headache according to official statements from Nex’s grandparents. 

FEBRUARY 8, 2024:

  • After being suspended, Nex and their grandmother decided to go to an appointment in the afternoon. It is not known at this time who that appointment was with but it is important to note that it does not matter to this case who that appointment was with.

  • While getting ready to leave, Nex collapsed in the family living room and was not breathing. 

  • Nex’s grandmother called an ambulance and Nex was taken to the St. Francis Pediatric Emergency Room where they later were pronounced dead. 


  • Police said they were investigating the incident and “all charges would be on the table” for those who committed this crime. They said they were just waiting for the autopsy and toxicology reports from the coroner. 

  • Nex’s grandmother asked the local newspaper to publish an obituary for Nex; however, she accidentally gave the newspaper the wrong name and pronouns. Later, Nex’s grandmother said she was fully accepting of Nex’s gender identity and pronouns but in the moment, during the trauma of losing her grandchild, she mistakenly gave Nex’s deadname and wrong pronouns to the newspaper for the obituary. 


  • The police reported that they were finally interviewing teachers and students to determine what happened on February 7th and what charges they needed to recommend to the District Attorney to be filed. 


  • The police issued a statement saying the autopsy came back saying that Nex had NOT died from the injuries from the attack in the restroom. The autopsy claimed Nex had instead died of “natural causes”.

  • There’s also some speculation that the police or coroner said Nex did not die from injuries from the attack because Nex was taking hormones but this was not true. Nex was reportedly not taking any hormones for being transgender and this would not have contributed to their death even if they were taking these horomones seeing that trans hormones are almost entirely harmless according to many medical professionals. 

  • The Founder of Libs of TikTok hate group said in a statement on Twitter that she is not responsible at all for the murder of Nex; however, many are pointing to the countless posts she has on the hate group site harassing the very same high school and pointing to the fact that the 3 girls attacked Nex and another trans student together, meaning this is now a hate crime. 

  • The founder of the hate group Libs of TikTok has now threatened legal action against anyone who says her hate group or she herself was in any way responsible for the murder of Nex Benedict.

  • Immediately after writing her post on Twitter, the founder of the hate group was a guest on a small conservative podcast where she said that her legal team advised her that any case alleging these reporters were slandering Libs of TikTok would never win in court. The creator of the hate group continued to say how she would still sue outlets who claim she was responsible just to tie them up in court for a few months, even if the defense legal fees would later need to be paid by her hate group.


  • It is unclear at this time if anyone will be charged with murder seeing that the police already said that “all charges would be on the table” and they were just waiting on the autopsy which said Nex died of natual causes at just 16 years-old.

  • The DA could charge the 3 girls with murder and assault. 

  • While Oklahoma does not have a state hate crime penal code protecting LGBTQ people, the federal goverment could step in and charge the 3 girls with a federal hate crime if the state does not charge the 3 girls with anything; however, this might take action from President Joe Biden in order to direct the US Attorney General to look into the case.

  • There is no doubt there will be a civil lawsuit against the school for not only enacting policies which caused this to happen, allowing these girls to bully Nex and other LGBTQ students all school year so far, and not calling an ambulance immediately after they knew what happened.

  • The fact that the school reportedly only suspended Nex for being the victim of the attack means the lawsuit is likely to go into the millions. 

  • The civil lawsuit could go after Ryan Walters for appointing the head of a hate group to their state Advisory Board which promoted this sort of violence to occur. 

  • The case could also go after Libs of TikTok for spreading such hatred which led to this violent crime. 

  • No matter what legally happens, it will not bring Nex back to life. No matter how much money is awarded years from now by a jury, Nex will never benefit from it. The only thing Nex can hope for is justice in the form of multiple people going to jail and losing their jobs. 

  • In our opinion: The 3 girls who attacked them should be charged with a hate crime on a federal level and murder on a state level. 

  • The school staff should be fired or charged for child endagerment for not reporting anything to the police and not calling an ambulance even though it was protocol to do so. The only reason they didn’t follow protocol was because they didn’t care about Nex’s life either.

  • The hospital staff should lose their medical licenses for not following state protocol and keeping Nex overnight for observation after a loss of consciousness. 

  • The coroner sould lose their job for claiming a 16-year-old died of natural causes one day after a violent attack where they lost consciousness and were bleeding from being thrown against the sink of a bathroom. 

  • The founder of the hate group Libs of TikTok should be fired from her advisor position for spreading such hatred which directly led to the violent murder of Nex Benedict. 

  • The Superintendent Ryan Walters should be impeached for having the founder of a hate group on the board at all and for his involvement pushing this sort of violence in the schools he is meant to oversee.

  • If all of those things don’t happen here, Nex will not get the justice they deserve. 

Nex was a straight-A student who enjoyed drawing, reading, playing video games like Ark and Minecraft. Nex was devoted to their cat Zeus and will forever be remembered in our rainbow hearts. They were just 16 years old.


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