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PBR Releases New Platform To Help Teachers


FOR RELEASE: August 12, 2022 Media Contact: Matt Haslam

Powered By Rainbows Introduces New Platform To Help Teachers

Recently, Tamaqua Area School District in Tamaqua, PA had a citizen at their June school board meeting complain about a transgender student being allowed to use the restroom corresponding to their gender identity. The resident was allowed by the school board to insult the child and attack the minor before telling the school board they shouldn’t allow the transgender girl to use the restroom in school according to his religious beliefs.

A similar action happened in Minersville School District in Minersville, PA where their elementary school principal banned a transgender girl from using the restroom and said Minersville “wasn’t ready” to have a trans student.

That’s where Powered By Rainbows stepped in. We believe schools can do better and need to do better because the lives of their students are at risk if they don’t. We have watched for years as school boards have been presented with parents or residents who spew hatred and make false claims about LGBTQ people. So, we decided to create a platform to help teachers, school administration, and school boards be more LGBTQ affirming to their students.

We just published this new platform called “LGBTQ Friendly Classroom” which is structured under the Danielson Framework so educators can learn all about the LGBTQ community, learn the science of how valid being gay or transgender are, and learn how to help their students come out of the closet if they see the signs of a student being LGBTQ.

We included lessons for teachers so they can learn how to implement LGBTQ discussions in every subject from history, to math and economics, to literature and more. We also included a complete guide on how to handle situations from other staff members or students using slurs, helping a student with a homophobic or transphobic family at home, helping students overcome depression, students changing their name or pronouns to better fit their gender identity, and even helping them with controversial issues like a transgender student on a sporting team.

In all of these resources, we help teachers not only understand the data but the federal laws regulating their actions. Plus, we even enable teachers to be certified as LGBTQ-Friendly Teachers and utilize the certification towards their continuing education credits.

Studies show, by utilizing a platform like our LGBTQ Friendly Classroom, schools can reduce the rate of bullying in their school, they can improve their overall GPA of students, and they can reduce the rate of depression, self-harm, and suicide among students.

We hope that our new platform can be utilized by teachers, administrators, and school boards this school year. We hope it can help every LGBTQ student and staff member in Pennsylvania schools and around the world.

About Powered By Rainbows™:

Started in September 2018, our show has broadcast over 650 episodes covering LGBTQ history, health, science, religion, literature, and other subjects. We have gained a massive following online with over 7 million viewers and just under 100,000 subscribers in over 50 countries on earth. We broadcast new episodes every Friday at 9:00 AM.

Aside from weekly episodes, we also provide an LGBTQ safe space for community members to find resources and we provide over 18,000 school districts across the country with LGBTQ educational resources for their students.

Links to Where You Can Find “LGBTQ Friendly Classroom”:



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