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Professor Pride Publishes 15th Book, 6th of 2023

This year, Matt Haslam (aka: Professor Pride) has written, illustrated, and published SIX books including "LGBTQ Dictionary"; "Pride Flags and What They All Mean"; and the Amazon smash hit that rocketed to the top of the gay charts, "Gay Coupon Book".

On December 20, 2023, his final book of 2023 will be available worldwide, "Big & Hard: 30 Erotic Gay Stories". His latest was written over 8 years hiding in the closet and coming out.

This book is his first fiction publication and is made perfect for any gay person out there to hopefully let them know they are far from alone in how they feel. It is available on, Amazon, and Kindle.

Side-by-side, they built a rather large tower with a total amount of published pages coming to 2,829.

Please learn more about Matt's 15 books below in order of their publication.


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