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March Rainbow Madness

This month at Powered By Rainbows, we had a lot happening behind the scenes.


Start of Season 5!

This month we kicked off Season 5 of our show with some pretty big episodes including: 261 LGBTQ Holidays, Transgender Bathroom Debate, Top 10 LGBTQ Stereotypes, and in honor of LGBTQ History Month in United Kingdom, we presented the Top 25 Moments in LGBTQ History. This journey allowed us to really get to the bottom of how transgender people are treated in restrooms and allowed us to take a trip through 11,600 years of history to find examples of LGBTQ people.

Truly this month, we had so much fun but all of these episodes were produced, filmed, and edited back in December because we knew even more bigger things were on the way.


March Madness

As March begins, we knew things would get crazy at our broadcast company. We have several high school musicals coming up that we provide video, audio, and lighting services for - which takes us away from the YouTube platform. To help with this, we produced March episodes back in January 2022 so we would continue to offer weekly episodes this month.

So, what is about to come? Well, we have tons of great episodes this month including: Rainbow Chemistry Class, 9 LGBTQ Characters in DC Comics written by our amazing staff writer Marissa Moyer, and an in-depth look at the Transgender Sports Debate. This month we will also open up voting for our LGBTQ-Friendly Teacher of the Year Award 2022 with the top 5 nominees submitted by our audience members.

Truly, this month will be fantastic to watch as we get into one of the craziest times of the year.


New Book

Quietly behind the scenes, we've been working on a major project. We started writing it in October 2021 and just now finished it (more than 5 months later). The book will be called "LGBTQ Friendly Classroom" and includes 61 chapters and over 351 pages of educational resources and tutorials for educators, teachers, administrators, and school staff members to learn how to make their school and classroom LGBTQ-inclusive.

The book is currently in the final stages of proofreading by our amazing staff members and our publishing company. Once a few mistakes are fixed, the entire book gets recorded by yours truly. This recording will end up becoming a full Master Class for teachers to watch and learn from. This way, teachers can watch the video, take a simple quiz, and get certified.

The entire course is structured under the Danielson Framework so it is compatible with all other courses for teachers. We're hoping the Master Class will offer teachers a way to be certified and if any colleges want to back it, offer them a way to get credits. The hardcover will offer more people a way to get trained and offer schools a way to keep the book on hand for new teachers coming in. Then the soft-cover will offer lower-level staff a way to get trained too for a lower cost; however, the books will offer a separate process for getting certified which we hope to reveal in the coming months.

We are hoping to premiere the course and the books all at the same time in May or June of this year. Quite literally, we are teaching the teachers how to be better for their LGBTQ students.


New Services

This month, we also unveiled a few new services for our channel because we feel like we can help even more than we already are. We had a lot of requests from organizations, companies, and colleges looking to sponsor our episodes. So, we decided to streamline this process to help them and make it easier than ever for small businesses to be seen by a much larger audience online. All of the info for this can be found on our website here: Advertising.

We also unveiled our Consultations services where we allow organization leaders, teachers, and anyone else to sit down with Professor Pride in a video or audio call to get advice. We've taken the years of experience we've gained doing the show with our 30 staff members to now offering all of that advice and wealth of knowledge on a 1-on-1 setting. Sure, this comes at a minimal fee but there is so much packed into the time you spend with our team. To learn more, go to: Consultations.

Next up, we made it easier than ever for pride events, organizations, schools, GSA clubs, agencies, and others to get Professor Pride to speak at their events or locations. We know events and groups are always looking for headline speakers to come in and offer advice and a powerful, motivational speech. That's exactly why, we've taken our 20+ years of stage speaking experience and showcased it on our new page for speeches. This way you can get Professor Pride to speak over a video call or in person at your next event (large or small). To learn more or to see examples of our speeches, go to: Speeches.



We're following our audience's wants and needs. This month, we asked our audience one simple question: what would you like to see from us this Pride season? Within a day, we had an amazing response with over 110 people responding to tell us what they would like to see. So, while we can't share the specifics of the results yet, we can tell you that the info our audience provided will help our graphic designers massively in making new and exciting merchandise for the upcoming Pride and Summer seasons.



This month, we were also targeted by two individuals who will not be named in this blog or on our pages anywhere. They are two boys who call themselves "ex-gay". Now, we fully know as well as our audience does that "ex gay" doesn't exist. You can never change your sexual orientation no matter how hard others make you try. But we also know this means they underwent conversion therapy at some point in their lives.

Conversion therapy is the practice of trying to change someone's sexual orientation or gender identity from the one it is meant to be. It's impossible which is why harsh tactics like electrocution, physical and mental abuse, and even lobotomies are used to do it. When a child goes through it, they are "8.4 times more likely to report having attempted suicide, 5.9 times more likely to report high levels of depression, and 3.4 times more likely to use illegal drugs" (Trevor Project).

So, when these folks say they are "ex-gay", we know they aren't and we know the harsh childhood they must have grown up in which is why we don't want to call attention to their channel. But they chose to come after us this month, trying to funnel some of our popularity to their channel and seemingly to push LGBTQ kids away from proper education and away from accepting religions.

We know the truth about their methods though and we find it odd they would think our viewers would fall for their hatred. After all, we cite all of our sources on our show and have 30 of the best researchers and writers in the business. They have a new version of what they call the Bible, not realizing it has been changed many times since the original and no longer reflects the religion they so strongly believe in.

Their hateful ways are why we chose to fight their hate with love. So, we decided to remind them how it's not a sin to be gay, how it's completely valid no matter your gender identity, and how awesome our platform is with a brand new T-shirt on our store. That design was only available for a limited time but had two strong benefits.

First, we decided to donate 10% of the profits from those sales to an LGBTQ charity. We're still deciding on if the money should go to The Trevor Project to combat conversion therapy or if it should go to the Pennsylvania Equality Project to fight for LGBTQ rights in Florida where they have a secondary location.

Second, we only made it available for a limited time so it would be an exclusive drop. Only the biggest fans of the show got a shirt and we're proud to say it's almost SOLD OUT. In an incredible wave of support from our fans, we were able to raise a lot of money for LGBTQ charity this month to help drown out the hatred from these homophobic homosexuals.

The best part is, with the success, we were able to show that our messages of love will drown out their hatred every time. Oh, and for some reason they chose to use our trademarked "Powered By Rainbows" and "Professor Pride" so YouTube and our team are having a very enjoyable time making their new uploads harder and harder each day. Why? Well, because when you tell someone how it's a sin to be who they are and spend hours in videos saying how horrible of people they are - turns out, you're not the victim. Instead, you're the bully.



As we said, we have a ton planned for March. We also have all of the episodes for April already recorded and edited so you'll be seeing a lot of great content in April as well. Right now, we're focusing on other work and getting the Master Class filmed. By the end of March or beginning of April, we hope to return to filming episodes of our show for May and June.

It's an exciting time here at Powered By Rainbows. But as always, thanks for joining us. I am your host, Professor Pride. Have a gay day everyone and bi for now.


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