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12 Thoughtful Gifts for LGBTQ Loved Ones

With the holidays shortly approaching, we thought it was the perfect time to share some amazing gifts you can get for your LGBTQ loved ones.

This book is perfect for kids of all ages. It tells the story of Shadow, a labrador puppy who is lost on the streets of New York City. He eventually finds a loving couple named Alex and Troye outside of the Stonewall Inn. They give him a wonderful home for the holidays and even help calm his fears. Be sure to also get the Shadow Plush toy so your loved ones can cuddle up next to Shadow while reading his story.

This instant download allows your loved ones to keep track of all 376 LGBTQ holidays throughout the year and serves as a fantastic planner for them as well.

Let your loved ones stay cozy and show their true colors with this Rainbow Heart Beanie Hat. Made with a black beanie, this hat includes professional embroidery showcasing a vibrant rainbow heart on the front side.

No matter what gender your loved one is or no matter who they love, a rainbow magnet is a great way for them to show off their pride.

Let your loved ones show off their pride in a subtle way this holiday season with a rainbow in their necklace. It's a great way for them to keep a rainbow near their heart. Plus, for anyone they encounter who is homophobic, it's just a flower in a necklace.

The Stonewall Inn is the most iconic building of the LGBTQ Rights movement and the history this building has to offer is incredible. Let your loved ones build their own scale model of this iconic building including the famous outdoor windows, rainbow flag, and rainbow stage inside. This set will entertain your loved ones for hours.

Every LGBTQ person loves showing their pride and what better way to show that pride than with stickers? With tons of different options, your loved ones can celebrate their pride with LGBTQ Progress Pride Flags, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Safe-Space stickers or you can fill their stockings with a bundle of all 5...I'm sure they will give you a big hug for it.

No matter what pride event we go to, my staff and I always see LGBTQ people wearing tons of pins to showcase their pride. Teachers wear "You Are Safe With Me" pins in their classrooms and every LGBTQ person loves to have pins to showcase their preferred pronouns. This is a truly wonderful gift for your loved ones that will allow them to showcase their pride on any outfit.

If your loved one just came out or if they've been out for a long time, still there are tons of terms they might need to know. You as an ally might also benefit from this gift because there are 370 terms the LGBTQ uses daily that are specific to our community. That could get confusing so, we found this dictionary to help you.

Your loved ones want to show off their pride. These bracelets are soft, comfortable, and showcase how Love Wins, Love is Love, and rainbow Pride. Plus, they are very affordable so they make a great stocking stuffer.

No matter what book your loved one is reading right now, what better way to show them how supportive you are than a rainbow bookmark? On the front of these is a cool rainbow design with "Love is Love" and "All Genders Are Valid". On the back is the transgender pride flag in the background with a rainbow heart in the front. These are perfect for your loved ones of any age.

With over 100 pages, this book allows your loved ones to jot down notes, write journal entries, and keep all their notes safe in this "Confidential" book. The outside is designed with LGBTQ pride flag colors. The inside showcases tons of unique designs on every page. This book can make a great stocking stuffer for people of any age or gender.


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