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Local Author, Matt Haslam Releases 2nd LGBTQ Children’s Book, “Shadow’s First Pride Event”

For Release: January 22, 2024

Media Contact:

Matt Haslam

(Phone Number Available Upon Request)

Matt Haslam is an author originally from Schuylkill County, PA who wrote and illustrated a new children’s book called “Shadow’s First Pride Event”. This new book is the highly anticipated second installment in the children’s book series about a labrador puppy named Shadow and his owners, a gay couple named Alex and Troye. The series aims to help people of all ages understand and better accept the LGBTQ community through important lessons in each book.

In October 2020, Matt published his first children’s book, “Shadow’s First Christmas”. The book follows a stray puppy on the streets of New York City as he is adopted by Alex and Troye. In the story, Alex comforts Shadow by telling his coming out story and Shadow spends his first holiday season surrounded by a loving family, showing how normal a gay couple is. 

After its release, readers from around the world sent in fan art of Shadow, and one fan named Luna even named her pet “Shadow” after the book’s main character.

In this second installment, Alex and Troye are now married and take Shadow to his first-ever Pride event. Shadow meets a German Shepherd guarding the entrance of the event from bad guys, showing how safe Pride events are to attend. The couple then get information from an agency on adopting their first child. 

Shadow also meets a transgender girl who is off in the corner of the event, feeling overwhelmed. They learn the girl’s parents call her a boy and don’t respect her gender, but together, they help her find resources at different vendors and make her feel accepted at the event.

The new book is 61 pages long and written for ages 2 to 99. It was entirely written and illustrated by Matt Haslam, host of the YouTube channel Powered By Rainbows (100K Subscribers) which provides LGBTQ educational videos to over 8 million viewers worldwide. “Shadow’s First Pride Event” is available now on Amazon and signed copies with plush toys of Shadow are available at

Downloadable Images For Media:

  1. Matt Haslam holding both "Shadow's First" Books in front of his 15 published books and the Shadow plush.

  2. "Shadow's First Pride Event" cover art

  3. Dedication page of "Shadow's First Pride Event"

  4. Page 1 of the story (Meeting Shadow)

  5. Alex introduces himself, Troye, and Shadow to the transgender girl at the Pride event

  6. The drag queen host of the Pride event thanked everyone for coming near the end of the book.

  7. Back cover art of "Shadow's First Pride Event"

  8. The full series so far

  9. "Shadow's First Christmas" (2020) Front cover art

  10. Matt Haslam sitting on the Powered By Rainbows film set.



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